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11 March, 2016

The Port Authority would like to remind recreational boaters and fishermen to:

    1. Always wear a life vest while boating. Accidents occur suddenly and you may not have the time or opportunity to retrieve one from storage. There must be one life vest for every person onboard the vessel.
    2. Do not overload the vessel. Overloading will negatively impact the vessel’s freeboard and stability.
    3. If going beyond the reef, ensure you have a working VHF radio, as cell phones signals diminish rapidly after 10 miles from shore on vessels that are low to the water.
      When boating beyond the reef, ensure you have a working GPS to enable you to always know your exact location.
    4. Carry a working flashlight.
    5. Carry some emergency flares with you.
    6. Ensure you have enough fuel for the travel time and activity you intend to engage in.
    7. Ensure you have a supply of emergency drinking water.
    8. Always check the weather report for wind-speed and wave-height information to determine if it is safe for you to go boating.
    9. Always let someone know when you are leaving, how long you intend to be gone for and what area you intend to be boating in. If going offshore, you can always call Port Security on VHF16 to advise of your plans.
    10. At the first sign of difficulties, always notify someone or Port Security of your location and the nature of the difficulty.

Thank you for your interest; however there are no vacancies at present.
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