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The Freedom of Information (FOI) Law was passed on 19th of October 2007 and came into effect on the 5th of January 2009. The existence of this Law gives the public a right of access to all types of records held by public authorities in the Cayman Islands; however, it also stipulates some exemptions from that right. The objectives of the law are to promote accountability, transparency and public participation throughout Government.

As a public authority, the Port Authority of the Cayman Islands is committed to openness, transparency and serving the public interest in compliance with the Freedom Of Information Law (2020 Revision)

For further information relating to making a request, please contact:

Information Manager:

Information Manager Designate:

Chris Krohn

Katherine Smalldon

110 Portland Rd.
George Town
Grand Cayman
Mailing Address: Port Authority of the Cayman Islands
P.O. Box 1358
Grand Cayman KY1-1108
Cayman Islands
Telephone: (345) 949-2055 or (345) 914-3702
Email: foi@caymanport.com
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Freedom of Information Website: www.ombudsman.ky and www.gov.ky
Freedom of Information Email: info@ombudsman.ky



The Port Authority of the Cayman Islands is 100% committed to providing you with access to the information you are looking for under the FOI Law.

Persons who wish to obtain access to information should apply in writing to the Information Manager (IM). Requests must include a name and address. We ask that you be as specific as possible about the information you are requesting, as this will help us to respond promptly. Where possible, please include a telephone number so that we may contact you to discuss your request further if necessary.

FOI requests will be acknowledged within ten (10) calendar days of receipt, and a response provided within thirty (30) calendar days. The IM, with good cause, may extend the deadline for an additional period of thirty (30) calendar days with the applicant having been notified of this decision.

Applicants may apply for an internal review of the decision to the Chief Officer of this public authority within thirty (30) calendar days of the IM’s response. A person who conducts the internal review must also respond to the applicant within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of the application.

If an applicant feels they have exhausted all other means under the law of obtaining the requested information, then the applicant may appeal, in writing, to the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman will decide if the Port Authority:

(1) Failed to indicate if it has documents relating to the request.

(2) Failed to respond to the applicant’s request within the ten (10) days required by law.

(3) Failed to provide the results of the applicant’s request within the thirty (30) days (or sixty (60) days if an extension is required) as required by law.

(4) Failed to respond in writing to the applicant.

(5) Attempted to charge the applicant a fee that is not applicable according to the law.

(6) Otherwise failed to comply with the law.


No application fee is required, and there is no charge for visiting a public authority to view records requested under the FOI Law; however, a fee may be associated with duplicating materials. Details regarding costs and payment are listed in the FOI Regulations.

For additional information, please visit the FOI unit website.

Thank you for your interest; however there are no vacancies at present.
Please revisit our website and check our local newspapers, regularly.