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Port Information

Port Information

Port of George Town.
Lat 19 18N; Long 81 23W.
Admiralty Chart: 462
Admiralty Pilot: 70
Time Zone: GMT-5hUNCTAD
Locode: KY GEC
Operating Agency
Operated by the Port Authority of the Cayman Islands.
Capital of the Cayman Islands
George Town.
Contact Person
Paul Hurlston, Port Director
Deputy Port Director, Chief Logistics Officer – Dale Christian;
Cargo Operations Manager – Bruce Reynolds;
Acting Manager of Cruise Operations & Security (PFSO) – Roylee Moore;
Open road stead port of George Town, Grand Cayman
Click here for the departments and their contact details
All depths are at low tide

The South Cargo Pier is 440 feet long with the water depth at 12 feet at the inner end and 26 feet at the outer end. At 100 feet from the inner most end of the South Cargo Pier, the water is 21 feet deep, which in effect gives you 340 feet of pier with a water depth of between 20 and 26 feet. The North Cargo Pier is 200 feet in length, with the water depth at the innermost end at 19 feet and at the outer end at 26 feet. The West Wall is 420 feet long from RO/RO at 19 feet to Royal Watler fence line at 11 feet. The Harbour is in a designated Marine Park area and therefore discharge of grey or black water (sewage) is not permitted into our waters. Unless the vessel is berthed alongside one of our piers, there are no receiving vessels or tanker available to accept the discharge of grey water, or black water and so you will be required to go at least 4 miles offshore for the discharge of grey water.
Any discharge of black water must be in compliance with Annex 4, Regulation 8 of Marpol Convention on Marine Pollution; 4 miles from land for treated sewage, 12 miles for un-treated sewage. No incineration while in Port.

Ballast water regulations not implemented yet, but coming soon.

Harbour Master
For Scheduling
Cargo Calls, contact Dale Christian
Cruise calls, contact Roylee Moore
To make radio contact
For Port: VHF channel 16 & 12;
Agent & Pilot: VHF channel 06
Tenders:VHF channel 10
Tanker PilotVHF channel 16 & 12
Tanker Pilot Station: 19 16 54N and 81 24 45W
Berth Description
The oil sea berth is located at Lat: 19 16.55’N & Long: 081 23.42’W and is 215mts(709.5)ft offshore the western lee shore coast of Grand Cayman.
Depth of water at the sea berth is 18mts (59.4)ft to 20mts (66)ft. The sea berth comprises of three (3) single hook cylindrical mooring buoys and two shore bollards. The berth has
a single 8″ (200mm) submarine hose for the discharge of all petroleum products and cargoes to the Esso and Chevron terminals.
Daytime berthing only, departure at night at the discretion of the pilot and vessel’s Master.
No berthing will occur during onshore wind conditions from the Southwest to Northwest quadrants.
Berthing will occur in daylight hours only in wind conditions less than 17 knots, sustained.
Normal prevailing weather is from the East to Northeast quadrant in the 5 – 20 knot wind speed range. Periods of strong winds from the North in the 15 – 30 knot wind speed range maybe experienced in winter months.
Severe weather cold fronts can occur in the winter months from late November to March producing rough weather from the Northwest.
Severe tropical depression weather “Hurricanes” can occur in the summer months from June to November.

Port Anchorage & Channel Coordinates

Cargo Pier Coordinates and Depths  

19 17.717N / 081 23.092W (Center of face of Pier) North 26ft—19ft, 200ft long. South 26ft –12ft, 440ft long

West Wall 19ft from North RORO to 11ft at South corner of Royal Watler.

Royal Watler Pier Coordinates and Depths South 200ft X 41ft X North 357ft

19 17.844N / 081 23.068W (Center of face of Pier) North side-17ft—8ft, south side—15ft—11ft

South Terminal 19 17.667N / 081 23.020W 150 ft long 12ft—8ft

North Terminal 19 17.695N / 08123.004W 180ft long10ft —8ft

Anch #1 19 17.88N / 0 81 23.2W 34ft

Anch #2 19 18.183N/ 0 81 23.309W 45ft

Anch #3 19 18.458N/ 0 81 23.463W 51ft

Anch #4 19 17.639N/ 081 23.306W 48ft

Anch #5 19 18.760N/ 081 23.580W 54ft Thompson Shipping Moorings

Moorings for up to 160` Vessels (20kts winds max)Mega Yacht Anchorage(Sand Bottom)

Off Hammerheads –19 17.955N / 081 23.055W–19ft.19 18.273N / 081 23.310W 44`

Off Cayman Auto – 19 18.040N / 081 23.051W- 9ft19 18.070N / 081 23.250W 42`

Off Lobster Pot19 18.220N / 081 23.208W – 40ft19 18.334N / 081 23.358W 42`

Off the Wharf – 19 18.282N / 081 23.201W –34ft

Off the Wharf – 19 18.346N / 081 23.202W– 25ft

Off the wharf —         19 18.406N / 081 23.209W-18ft

Off Pageant Beach –19 18.440N / 081 23.230W – 13ft.

Off Pageant Beach19 18.470N / 081 23.272W 14ft

Off Pageant Beach19 18.540N./ 081 23.369W 16`

7Mile Beach MooringJolly Roger Mooring

19 22.001N / 081 24.588W 44ft19 17.979N 081 23.175W 35ft

John McKenzie Mooring 19 18. 081N / 081 23.223W 32ftDive Moorings in Town

CMS Mooring (1) – 19 18 027N / 081 23 200W 34ft.19 17.99N / 081 23.12W 17’

CMS Mooring (2) – 19.18 450N / 081 23.319W -15ft19 18.38N / 081 23.30W 20’


Dock Position at: Lat. 19’16.29N / 81’19.07W South / North 100ft x13ft

Spotts Moorings

19 16.238N / 081 19.386W.26ft

19 16.206N / 081 19.241W 36ft

19 16.204N / 081 19.142W. 34ft

19 16.177N / 081 18.950W. 27ft

19 16.135N / 081 18.825W. 38ft

North Sound Main Channel Rum Point Gustus Channel

Outside -19 23.19N/081 20.00W19 22.82N/081 17.48W19 23.87N/081 22.144W 9ft

Inside –   19 22.40N/081 20.26W19 22.18N/081 17.49W

Yacht Club ChannelHarbour House ChannelScotts Bacadere

19 21.52N / 081 22.85W-7ft19 18.36N/ 081 19.40W-5ft19 18.42N / 081 21.17W-7ft

Swan Island60 mile BankBalboa Wreck

17 24.47N / 083 56.29W20 02.05N / 082 08.01W19 17.799N / 081 23.157W

Public moorings are located around each of the islands to reduce anchor damage to coral. These 18 and 30 inch white buoys may be identified by their blue stripe and yellow pick-up line and may be used free of charge. The smaller buoys are designed to hold vessels up to 60 feet long and the larger buoys are for vessels up to 100 feet. Public moorings should not be used when wind speeds reach or exceed 20 knots. Please limit your use of the mooring to 3 hours or less. It is the responsibility of the boat operator to ensure that the mooring is in safe condition – do not leave the boat unattended while on the mooring.


Shelby’s Agency, PH: 345 949 2101, or 345 916 0376 and 345 949 8692 (fax)

John MacKenzie of West Indian Agencies Ltd, PH: 345 945 7126, or 345 916 1555and 345 945 0609 (fax)

Bodden Shipping, PH: 345 949 6254 fax 345 949 0845


Port Normal Working Hours:

Office hours: 0830 – 1630, Monday – Friday and 0830 – 1200 Saturday

Quayside hours for general cargo: 1800 – 0500, Sunday – Saturday

Quayside hours for bulk cargo (aggregate): 1800 – 0500, Sunday – Saturday


Berthing Information:

Berthing Capacity:

  • Maximum dead-weight 6,000 tonnes.
  • Maximum draught 5.5m (18ft)
  • Maximum length of vessel accommodated 122m (400ft)

Berth Names:


Length (m) / (ft)

Depth (m) (ft)

Type of Vessel


61 /201.3ft

6 / 19.8



134 / 442.2

3.7 / 12.21



73 /(240.9)

3.3 / (11)


Main Shipping Lines that call at Port

  • Tropical Shipping
  • Seaboard Marine
  • Hydes Shipping

Cargo Handling Equipment:

Type of Equipment

No. in Service


Head Handlers


15,000 – 90,000 lbs



30,000 – 60,000 lbs



200 tonnes

Tractor Trucks




40.6 long ton

Warehouse/Storage Areas:

(a) Covered Storage:

Surface Area (m2): 1,858

Dimensions (m): 30.48 x 60.96

Sheds (m2): 22

(b) Uncovered Storage:

Surface Area: 13 Acres

(c) Storage Capacity: 1800 TEU

(d) Refrigeration Capacity:35 plugs

The Port Authority sells MGO Diesel fuel.

Fuel Prices (As of 24.08.22)

Local – CI$5.05 D/F CI$6.15 D/P

Local Credit Card – Same

Foreign Cash – US$6.15

Foreign Credit Card – US$6.15

FEE Structure – Click here to get the various cargo and cruise realted fees; including bus fares

For Customs you will need the following:

  • Clearance from last port (original);
  • Ship Information Sheet / Registration (2 copies);
  • Maritime Declaration of Health;
  • Stores List;
  • Pre-Arrival Notification;
  • Crew List;
  • Crew Effects Declaration;
  • Passenger List;
  • Embarking Crew/Passenger List;
  • Disembarking Passenger/Crew List,
  • Vaccination List

For Immigration you will need the following:

  • Clearance from last port (original);
  • Ship Information Sheet (2 copies);
  • Maritime Declaration of Health;
  • Pre-Arrival Notification;
  • Crew List;
  • Passenger List;
  • Embarking Crew/Passenger List;
  • Disembarking Passenger/Crew List,
  • Nationality breakdown by Passenger;
  • Nationality Breakdown by Crew.
  • Vaccination List

For Your Ship’s Agent, you will need the following:

  • Ship Information Sheet (3 copies);
  • Crew List;
  • Passenger List.

24 hours prior to arrival in the Cayman Islands, all vessels over 500 GRT are required to file a Pre-Arrival Notice; this form contains sections for the vessel’s details and the passenger and crew data.This one form has the information required by the Port for ISPS purposes and also for Immigration for Pre-Clearance purposes.Pre-Clearance allows a cruise ship to commence disembarkation of their guests and crew immediately on arrival, eliminating the need to wait for formal clearance.However, the purser is required to be on the first tender to present the usual paperwork to Customs (but again note that it does not impede the disembarkation of passengers). In the event pre-clearance is not granted to your ship, passengers must remain on the ship while the purser proceeds via tender to the terminal assigned to present the documents for clearance to Customs and Immigration.Once clearance has been granted, disembarkation of passengers may commence.

When your purser completes the form, please email it to the Manager of Cruise Operations at rmoore@caymanport.com or pfso@caymanport.com and Immigration & Customs at icm@gov.ky and your agent Bodship@candw.ky The form should be submitted 24 hrs in advance, but it is most likely that you will be in another port at that time and may have crew and passenger movement whilst there, so we ask that you submit an updated form immediately as you depart from the port immediately preceding the call to the Cayman Islands if there are any changes to the previously submitted data.Immigration is usually at the Port until 1900 hrs local time each day to process the data and issue pre-clearance.If for some reason you are unable to meet that deadline, please notify us by email or cell phones (345) 925 6183 (PFSO cell) and (345) 926 0341 (Immigration cell).

****With the introduction of Pre-Clearance,
Customs and Border Control no longer board your cruise vessels for clearance purposes, unless there is some reason requiring that they do.

All formal clearance is done ashore at the cruise terminal assigned to the vessel that day, except that ships assigned to the South Terminal will clear at the North Terminal.The purser is required to be on the first tender ashore to present the usual paperwork to Customs and Immigration (but note that it does not impede the disembarkation of passengers who will be returning to the ship at the end of the day to continue their cruise).Any changes will be communicated directly to the ships ******

Any Passengers or Crew disembarking the vessel and not returning to the vessel prior to its departure from the Cayman Islands to continue their journey must be escorted by a Purser to the Customs and Border Control Office at the cruise terminal with the relevant documents e.g. Passports, Airline Tickets, LOE or Letter explaining reason of travel/disembarkation etc.


                                                                                                          CUSTOM                        IMMIGRATION                              AGENT

  • Original Clearance(Last Port)                                                   1 copy                             1copy
  • Information Sheet                                                                       1 copy                             2 copies                                      3 copy
  • Maritime Declaration of Health                                                   1 copy                            1 copy
  • Stores list                                                                                   1 copy                            1 copy
  • Crew List                                                                                    1 copy                            1 copy                                         1 copy
  • Crew Declaration                                                                       1 copy                            1 copy
  • Passenger List                                                                           1 copy                             1 copy                                          1 copy
  • Embarking Passenger/Crew                                                      1 copy                             1 copy                                          1 copy
  • Disembarking Pax / Crew List                                                 1 copy                              1 copy                                        1 copy
  • Nationality breakdown passenger                                                                                    1 copy
  • Nationality breakdown crew                                                                                              1 copy
  • Matters needing Customs approval must be made in writing and presented in duplicate by the purser at the time of clearance.
  • Required documents must be in three files (Customs and Border Control and Agents)

For Visiting Yachts

Depending on size, a Pre-Arrival Notice that will give us details on the vessel & movements. In addition, upon arrival, they will need to present the following
documents to Customs and Border Control for Clearance:

  • a clearance from the last port of call,
  • a Maritime Declaration of Health,
  • Crew & Passenger List,
  • Stores List,
  • and the Registration Documents for the vessel.

Relative to the spare parts, if they are delivered by courier to the consignee at the Customs Office at the Port, they will not attract duty.  If they are collected by the consignee at the Customs Warehouse, they will attract duty unless he indicates that it is for a visiting vessel and Customs verifies the transfer of the parts to the vessel.  If further directions are required
relative to the procedure for duty free parts, feel free to email Asst. Director of Customs, Randy Whittaker – contact Randy.Whittaker@gov.ky  The Pre-Arrival Notice can be emailed to PFSO@caymanport.com and Immigration at ICM@gov.ky.

All FIREARMS, SPEAR GUNS, HAWAIIAN SLINGS, BOWS, CATAPULTS or other manually operated weapons which are capable of projecting arrows or other missiles which
is restricted or prohibited must be declared and surrendered to customs prior to clearance.

There are no Customs Border Control fees between the hours of 8:30am to 4pm Mon to Fri and 8:30am to 12 noon on Saturdays.
Arrival outside of those hours attract a US$72 clearance fee.Holidays attract a fee of US$90 for clearance.

There is no Customs Bond.

Customs Border Control requires a valid passport, accompanied with a completed Border Control form that would be issued upon their arrival for landing purposes only.  Persons requiring visas will be accompanied to the Visa Office by A Seaport Officer. Tourist stay can be granted up to 6 months. Prior to departing, they should report to the CBC Office to complete their clearance.

The Port does not charge any port fees whatsoever to visiting yachts.That means no Harbour Master fees, no line handling fees, no Port Security fees, and no Dockage fees.Shore power is not available.

Small Cargo Procedures (Honduras)

Agent stationed at Cargo Centre. Agent will issue Dock Receipt to customer exporting goods after obtaining details of ownership for the goods along with weight and measure.
A copy of the Dock Receipt will go to the Tally Clerk at CDC.Goods must be stored in the container provided at CDC. Agent will produce a manifest and take to Customs and Port Authority’s Billing Office.Charges are $16.65 per 2000 lbs or 40 cu.Ft.If the container of goods is being shipped, then the charges are $383.81 per 20 ft container or $767.62 per 40 ft

Cargo vessels are charged a Navigational Fee of CI$36.75 and a berthing fee of $0.085 per GT or $0.42 per foot for the length of the vessel.

The manifest should include the following:

  1. Shipper
  2. Consignee
  3. Number of pieces if LCL
  4. Container numbers if cargo is containerized
  5. Description of cargo
  6. Weight in pounds
  7. Cubic feet

If the vessel is unloading containers, then the agent should include a loading guide along with the manifest 48 hours prior to the ship arrival.For Lo Lo, the charge to lift each TEU (20 ft
equivalent) is $15.For Ro Ro the charge is $7.50.Port charges per container (billed to Customer) is $383.81 per 20 ft container & $767.62 per 40 ft container.

Cayman Brac

Port of Cayman Brac Telephone # 345 948 0240 or 345 948 0428

Port Acting Manager: Myra Ryan

L.O.A. of dock                                            200 Feet

Width of dock                                             40   Feet

Depth of water at inner end of dock          15 Feet

Depth of water at outer end of dock          25   Feet

Dock has Ro/Ro ramp on inner side.

Dock position   : Lat. 19’ 44.770N Long. 79’ 46.082W

Anchorage off the dock. Lat.19’ 44.8N   Long.79’ 46.3W.

Agents: Nat Tibbetts – 916 5028 kptib@candw.ky; Brac Business Brokers 948-1438

Pilot – Bodden Shipping Tel # 345 949-6254

Pilot Station: Lat 19 45.6 N / Long 79 46.7 W

Cargo Handling Equipment:

Type of Equipment

No. in Service


Head Handlers


15,000 –90,000 lbs



30,000 –60,000 lbs



22 tonnes

Tractor Trucks


Private truckers

Thank you for your interest; however there are no vacancies at present.
Please revisit our website and check our local newspapers, regularly.