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Procedures for Receiving Your Shipment in Grand Cayman

Procedures you have to go through before receiving your shipment. You can decide to clear the shipment yourself or appoint a broker to do so on your behalf.

When your shipment arrives in Grand Cayman, there are certain steps and procedures you need to follow before receiving your cargo. You have the option to handle the clearance process yourself or appoint a broker to handle it on your behalf.
If you choose to clear the cargo independently, please follow the below steps:

      1. Notification: The shipping company will inform you when the documents are ready for pickup. Alternatively, you can proactively contact the shipping company’s office to inquire about the status of your cargo. It’s important to note that the Port Authority does not provide notification regarding cargo arrivals.
      2. Payment of Freight Charges: Settle the freight charges with the shipping company and collect all necessary documentation related to your shipment.
      3. Customs Duty Payment: For instructions on how to pay customs duty in the Cayman Islands, please refer to the Cayman Islands Customs & Border Control (CBC) website at www.customs.gov.ky. If you require assistance, you can contact CBC at (345) 949-4579.
      4. Port Fee Payment: To pay the required port fees, please visit the Port Authority Billing Office located on Portland Road. Customers who have an online account (register here) also have the option to make payments online. If you need any assistance or have inquiries regarding payment, you can contact the Billing Office at (345) 949-2055 or billing@caymanport.com.
      5. Delivery of Shipment: Loose Cargo: If you have loose cargo, you can collect it from the Cargo Distribution Center (CDC) situated on Portland Road. Reach out to them at (345) 914-3750 for further assistance.
      6. Full Container Loads: For full container loads, you have the option to contact a trucking company of your choice or get in touch with the local shipping agent for delivery arrangements.

      Please be aware that according to the Port Regulations (2020 Revision), any cargo remaining at the Port Authority for more than 5 business days will incur a storage fee. Additionally, as per the Port Authority Law (1999), cargo left unclaimed for longer than 15 days may be deemed abandoned and auctioned after a four-week notification period.

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