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A tribute to Marksteve Alcott Vernon by the Port Director – Paul Hurlston

A tribute to Marksteve Alcott Vernon by the Port Director - Paul Hurlston

13 March, 2023



We all know that people are temporary. People come and go. Our time here on Earth is merely borrowed from a being that’s greater than all of us. We know this and yet letting go of a family member is not easy. Marksteve made Port Authority his second family for the last 25 years. A quarter of a century! Indeed, the Vernon bothers contributed a combined service of some 53 years to the Port Authority. For this we are eternally grateful.
Marksteve was a hard-working man, he lived off the forklift for 25 years. Being an operator of these big machines is for the strong. One has to be alert through rain or shine, in darkness and in light. Marksteve had the courage and skill to do so; gracefully and with extreme precision operate these huge pieces of equipment. He proved himself true every day on his working shift. He indeed worked up until the last minute he could; even though his body was saying to take a rest. He displayed a work ethic- few will ever match.
Marksteve was the type of person you’d easily become friends with. Marksteve touched our lives in a special way. He was also a quiet and a reserved person.
Marksteve : You smiled freely. You smiled with inner warmth. Your family at the PACI will miss your smile and friendship. Nothing in this world can take away the legacy of the life you lived. You remain a light in our hearts.
Rest well and peacefully now, Marksteve, job well done.

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