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Container Incident

Container Incident

24 March, 2020

The Acting Port Director confirms that this afternoon when one of the RTG Operators was in the process of loading a container onto a truck, the container clipped a stack of empty containers that was standing 6 high, the maximum height that we can store containers at, causing them to nearly fall over. PACI is working to secure them and return them to the stack.

Because of the high volume of containers entering the island, PACI is currently expanding its container storage capacity at CDC. We only store containers 6 high when the volume is high. However, because this is the third incident like this, I have taken the decision to limit our storage to only five high. That will reduce our capacity from 720 containers to 600 containers. We presently have 503 stored in the RTG stack. That doesn’t leave much space for additional containers.

We will provide another update when the incident has been remedied.



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