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CYB Scotts Port Anchorage Area

CYB Scotts Port Anchorage Area

14 May, 2021

Prohibited activities in a port anchorage area

141B.(1) A person shall not —

(a) take a specimen of any species;

(b) enter into the water;

(c) damage, destroy or otherwise cause the loss of a natural resource, except in the normal course of anchoring or mooring a vessel;

(d) deposit or discharge rubbish, litter, effluent or waste of any kind; or

(e) dredge, quarry, extract sand or gravel, discharge waste or any other matter or in any other way disturbs, alters or destroys the natural environment,

in a port anchorage area, without the permission of the Director.


The Port Director hereby gives permission for persons to line fishing from shore, and to snorkel and scuba dive in the designated anchorage area around Scott’s Dock in Cayman Brac when there are:

  • no vessels berthed at the pier at Scott’s Dock, or
  • there are no cruise ships tendering in the designated anchorage around Scott’s Dock on the West End of Cayman Brac.

No marine life may be taken during any in water activity, or via any vessel anchored within the designated anchorage.

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