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Lifetime Service – 50 Years!

Lifetime Service - 50 Years!

15 October, 2021

The management of PACI gathered on Sept 24, 2021 to celebrate what has become a lifetime of service for one of its employees, Keith Brown. Keith started working with the Port on May 10, 1971. This was before there was a Port Authority and when the Port was managed by Customs. On his first day he was tasked with the duties of a laborer. Shortly thereafter he was assigned duties of a Tally Clerk and eventually the duties of a Small Forklift Operator and Mechanic. In those days the ships tied up at the iron shore at Hogsty Bay and cargo in the ship’s hold was loaded into nets and swung onto the shore by the ship’s crane.  The forklift would pick it up and place it in the warehouse. When the first large forklift arrived, Keith was assigned to operator it and has been operating the Large forklifts ever since.  Fifty years on, Keith still remains as one of PACI’s most dependable, reliable and competent Large Forklift Operators.

 And so, it is with much pride and happiness that we celebrate this awesome milestone with Keith. While PACI has a large number of staff who have served more than 20 years and some who have served more than 30 years as well, Keith has the distinction of being PACI’s longest serving employee with over 50 years of  service. His Manager, Will Jacobs, commented that Keith is the most reliable, dependable, committed, pleasant and respectful employee that he has had the privilege of working with. Thank you Keith for being such an outstanding employee.


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