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Weather Advisory, Vessel Traffic

Weather Advisory, Vessel Traffic

28 October, 2017

Cayman Port Information Bulletin (CPIB) 10/2017-2


Weather Advisory, Vessel Traffic

Port Closure Vessel Traffic – Sea Conditions
Time: 11:00 ~ Date: Saturday, 28th October 2017

The Acting Port Director has determined that the Port Authority of the Cayman Islands (PACI) is closed to vessel traffic, berthing and operations due to sea conditions at the port in accordance with CPIB 10/2017-2.

Prohibited Operations:                Vessel Traffic, Berthing & Operations

Authorized Operations:               Closed

Anticipated Future Actions:      Continued monitoring of conditions in accordance with CPIB 10/2017-2.

This CPIB applies to all Cayman Islands Ports.  Any changes, will be announced by way of the usual publications.

CPIB announcements will be posted on PACI website at www.caymanport.com/press-releases.

The PACI can be reached via telephone at (345) 949-2055 or Channel 16 VHF FM Marine Radio.


Willem Jacobs
Acting Port Director, PACI

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